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About our Restaurant

Our Buffalo Wings Martin restaurant is a unique place where you can enjoy American food prepared according to traditional American recipes. If you like foreign cuisine, our restaurant is exactly the place where you have the opportunity to taste dishes that are not usually offered in restaurants.

Our top priority is to prepare food with the highest quality ingredients, delicious, interesting meals and customer satisfaction.

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In our food menu you can choose classic Buffalo wings with a variety of sauces. You can also enjoy a quality Buffalo beef steak, Buffalo burger, or Buffalo hot dog. Side dishes such as classic American fries or the great and very popular onion rings are offered. You can see the entire menu in our gallery.

The premises of our restaurant are designed in American style. The whole restaurant is full of authentic accessories that the owner brought back from his travels in America. So if you love America, have been to this country or would like to go there one day, our restaurant is a place that will surely remind you of this country. Both the environment, but especially the traditional American food.

During the summer weekends we try to organize themed evenings for our customers, when our guests have the opportunity to have a great meal but also to have fun.